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CISPA: Not This $&#^ Again

TweetIn the early days of this blog, I posted about SOPA, a bill that threatened to take a sledgehammer to the open internet to protect the intellectual property of a few organizations. While many of us may or may not have a pirated mp3 or a burned copy of a DVD lying around, the problem most had with SOPA wasn’t that copyrights don’t deserve protection. It was that in service of copyright protection, the legislation would’ve severely... Read More

Swag & SOPA

Tweet What a week it’s been in copyright protection. ¬†There’s a sentence I don’t get to write often. However, intellectual property law has been front and center in the news all week: Wikipedia and others had a blackout in protest of SOPA/PIPA legislation. Both bills suffered major losses of support in their respective chambers of congress, to the point that votes on both bills are shelved for the time being, as of this morning. Yesterday,... Read More