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A Round of Applause for Contagious Clapping

TweetIf you spend any significant amount of time in front of an audience, you know all too well the difference between a polite clapclapclap and an enthusiastic CLAPCLAPCLAP that lets you know the audience was thrilled with your every word, right? Turns out, it may have less to do with you as a presenter/performer, and more to do with how individuals in the audience react. Research from Sweden’s Uppsala University shows that when audiences start... Read More

Pinterest Pins Down a Social Networking Niche

TweetI finally looked at Pinterest yesterday. The name had been floating around in my subconscious for a month or so, but yesterday was the day somebody mentioned it on a social network or it was name-dropped in an article I glanced at, and I took a look. My first impression was, “Oh look, it’s Tumblr again.” The colorful pictures and strings of comments give the interface a similar feel to the platform that’s half blog, half... Read More

Advertising Word of Mouth

TweetWith Esurance’s rebranding effort this year, they are no longer the company with the cartoon spy spokeswoman. That campaign always confused me a bit. Being industry that essentially sells a commodity, auto insurance is keenly focused on branding. It’s responsible for some of the better ad campaigns in recent memory, such as Allstate’s “Mayhem”. Esurance’s ads, by contrast, just seemed misguided to me. I never... Read More