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Twinkies’ 15 Minutes of Fame Hit 14:57—Now What?

TweetLast month, I ate the first Twinky (Twinkie?) of my adult life. Actually, perhaps my life, period. It appeared in a brainstorm I was participating in, and I was practically dared to try it. Feeling the lingering effects of years of after-school specials, I was leery about succumbing to peer pressure, but I cracked that individual plastic pack and took a bite. The cake inside was spongy, a little stickier than I expected, and indistinctly sweet.... Read More

Oh Great—Millennials Are About to Get Even Less Ambitious

TweetAnother postcard from the much-maligned Gen Y this weekend: apparently, people stop trying to get ahead around age 35, according to the Families and Work Institute, via the Atlanic. Getting ahead in this case is defined as seeking more responsibility at the office:   The accompanying article presents the shift as primarily a men-vs.-women trend, pointing out that while males track a little higher for go-getterness throughout their careers,... Read More

I Do…Not Have $27k to Spend on a Wedding

TweetConsumer insights sometimes come from places you don’t expect them to, and this one is pretty interesting. Blogging on The Dish, which is edited by gay conservative, Andrew Sullivan, writer Patrick Appel pointed out an interesting counterpoint to some common wisdom on marriage. The original point, as laid out by another conservative writer, is that fewer people in lower economic classes are getting married because women are working more,... Read More