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Google Reader and the Inconvenient Truth of The Cloud

TweetAs far as broad-based adoption as a go-to technology, RSS’ time has come and gone without much of a stir. The idea of pulling in a customized stream of web content never became a thing on the web, in the same way that user-generated videos or check-in services or any of a number of other things have, over the years. I’m not terribly surprised. After all, RSS’ greatest strength is in pulling in a vast swath of reading material,... Read More

PayPal Wants to Be Your Cash Register

TweetBlame my stint selling point of sale terminals for the soon-to-be Icahn Computer Corp., but I’ve had a dorky interest in how people pay for things for a while now. I don’t mean how consumers can afford things or anything like that, but the systems they use to check out at retail outlets, and how they’re evolving. Thrilling, I know. But payment systems are part of a bigger ecosystem that includes things like credit, mobile wallets/NFC... Read More