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Ford, JWT, and Ankle Biters

TweetWhen tone-def agencies make offensive ads and their bumbling clients approve them, it creates an easy target for finger-wagging. I’ve certainly asked “What were they thinking?” a few times, on this blog and elsewhere, and I know I’m not alone. Today, however, proved that advertisers don’t even have to do anything dumb to get in trouble, thanks to the miracle of the internet. At the end of last week, Business Insider... Read More

Super Bowl Ads: Bueller? Bueller?

Tweet If you never got the pleasure of going to school for advertising, you may not know that whatever we we’re supposed to do in class next week will be cut short by about 15 minutes. Whatever case studies we’re analyzing, taglines we’re generating or projects we’re coordinating will have a little less time in the spotlight than they would on a normal Monday. We’ll have an extra item on our plate. This Sunday is the... Read More