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Facebook Home Adds a Little Tuba to Your Life

TweetWieden + Kennedy is a first-rate creative shop, so I was surprised at the relative dud they put up for Facebook’s first TV spot, last year. It was a pretty, and in some ways, compelling work about the things that connect us, but it fell short of being an effective piece of branding for Big Blue. It was just too vague.¬† Read More  Read More

Facebook Home: I’m Not Sure I Want to Put People First

TweetZuck and friends are at it again, and the business and tech press are falling all over themselves to talk about Thursday’s new product announcement, the HTC First, a.k.a. the long-anticipated Facebook Phone. There isn’t anything particularly special about the phone itself either in hardware or operating system; it’s a mid-range Android from HTC. Where it differs from other Androids is the launcher, the home screen that organizes... Read More