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Spotify TV ad says a lot about nothing

We were all conceived to a 4/4 beat? 

Personally I like to think my parents were waltzing at the time, but I suppose we’ll never know. In any case, Spotify (via agency Droga5) introduced itself to prime time TV last night:

Have we learned nothing from Facebook’s foray into Clint Eastwood territory last year?

Yes Spotify, music is great. And I’m glad you’re for music, like Google Music, or possibly Pandora, or maybe record albums, or a banjo, or The O’Jays. But as a Spotify user myself, the service has totally revolutionized the way I experience music.

I spent most of the last decade accumulating a collection of CD’s, MP3’s and vinyl records. All that downloading, sorting, tagging, etc. went out the window last year, though. With Spotify, the vast majority of anything I could possibly want to listen to is available to stream on demand. Considering I’m listening to music several hours every day, that’s a surprisingly big deal. It makes me all the more disappointed they didn’t even try to communicate the nature of their product in their spot.

I know every commercial shouldn’t be a list of product features. Indeed, they shouldn’t all focus on the product. Sometimes the brand should be the star, or the need the brand or product uniquely fills. The latter is what they were going for, but music, even with all the profound associations it carries, is not a need Spotify is uniquely qualified to fill. A Pioneer car stereo or the Boston Pops orchestra are equally for music

Spotify transforms how we access music.

That revolutionary quality’s days are numbered, as the competitors are already lining up. So I don’t fault Spotify for wanting to get a jump on branding itself while the competition is still catching up. Hopefully they figure out how to do that soon.

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