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Sharks Join the Internet of Things

SharkHappy holidays! I hope everyone is doing well out there.

One of my favorite emerging trends in tech/media is “The Internet of Things.” It’s a catchy name for a change in the ways everyday objects will function. At some point, virtually everything will become an internet-connected device, capable of interacting with any other connected device. What’s driving this trend is:

  1. High-speed WiFi internet becoming more and more common to the point that it’s available virtually everywhere
  2. The development of inexpensive connected sensors that can be put on almost anything

Including, apparently, sharks.

Most “Internet of Things” thinking tends to focus on things like  your alarm clock communicating with your coffee pot to start brewing when you start bashing the snooze button. But a group called Saving Life Western Australia has begun attaching transmitters to sharks. The gadgets connect to the org’s Twitter account to send out alerts when the tagged sharks are close to the shore:


This goes to show that the coming wave of connectivity is going to change our lives in all kinds of ways, many of which don’t fit into the paradigm of well-timed coffee, or anything we’ve even dreamed of yet.

Have a merry New Year, and stay safe on the beach.

Photo credit: “Shark” by Amy

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