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Samsung: Come On, Jake. No Really.

Nothing like a worn-out, corny punchline to announce a consumer electronics innovation:

If you’re somewhere you can’t click on the video or just have something better to do with 30 seconds, the spot is for a Samsung refrigerator with a sparkling water dispenser in the door. Pretty cool, right? It opens on a shot of a man chatting up two women at a cocktail party, telling them he’s a “rocket surgeon.” Please try to control the guffaws you’re no doubt already trying to stifle. At this point, we learn just how live this party is—an an unseen woman asks the guy, Jake, for some sparkling water from the refrigerator door. Finding no water inside the fridge, Jake is perplexed. But lo and behold, the women he was talking to earlier know there’s a dispenser IN the door. How’s that for a plot twist? Now here comes the big payoff line, which you can absolutely not see coming from a mile away. “Come on, Jake. It’s not rocket surgery!” says one of the woman playfully. Like a knife in Jake’s heart. 

Now, the rocket surgery line may have been funny the first three or four times we saw it in an email forward from an elderly relative, but it’s not exactly snappy in this context. And the whole clunky setup and payoff just makes it worse. 

Somewhere, Jake is drowning his sorrows in refreshing sparkling water, and I’d like a Samsung fridge, so I guess mission accomplished. But come on, John.

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