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Mid-Century Ads: My New Cool Thing

Mid-Century Ads: American AirlinesIn the camera phone photo at right, American Airlines proves once again that all guys named John do is win, win, win.

 I love all things retro advertising, and somebody got me a copy of Taschen’s two-volume set, Mid-Century Ads. It’s 720 pages in total, full of print creative from the 1950’s and 60’s. Besides the retro design aesthetics, the long copy makes it seem as if they thought they could sell anything if they just stuffed enough adjectives and adverbs in there. “Feather-smooth turbine automatic,” “a man full of red blood cells that glow brighter when adventure’s in the wind.” 

Glowing blood cells aside, taglines like “Did you ever see a fat Chinese?” (American Rice Council) and “The loneliest place in the world is anywhere a woman gets a flat tire” (Goodyear) serve as reminders that it was…a different time. 

This is pretty much the ultimate ad coffee table book, though due to a recent move, I don’t own a coffee table at the moment. Perhaps this will provide the push my red blood cells need.

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