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Kontor Records Gets Noticed With the Office Turntable

If you’re in a position to make decisions about whether someone’s music gets played, you tend to get innundated with music. Hopeful artists, managers and record labels do their best not only to get you their product, but also to get you to listen to it (and hopefully fall in love). I experienced this on a small scale years ago when I was a college radio DJ. I can imagine what it must be like for the creative directors responsible for selecting music to license for ads.

To cut through the clutter and get heard, German dance label, Kontor, decided to package their product in a more unique way than the traditional demo CD: they mailed out vinyl records. Wax fits both with their aesthetic as a dance (and therefore DJ-centered) label. It must also be quite eye-catching in the middle of a stack of CD mailers. One problem, though: most people don’t keep a turntable in their office these days.

To get around that, Kontor created an “Office Record Player”:

A combination of physical and digital elements, the record envelope folds up into a little turntable-looking thing with a QR code on one side. Scanning with a smartphone takes the user to a mobile web-based player that works when the phone is placed on top of the record. I assume the vinyl is also playable on a traditional record player (though they don’t specifically say so), but the novelty factor of the phone is pretty awesome by itself. And according to PSFK, the campaign got a remarkably good response rate. That makes the Office Turntable an awesome example of effective advertising, before Kontor music even makes it into anybody’s ad.

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