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Know Your Palms Campaign Teaches Angelenos About Trees

One of the most ubiquitous, iconic and likable parts of living in LA is the palm tree. Sure they have some fungus issues, and are about as effective as telephone poles for providing shade, but the SoCal landscape wouldn’t be the same without them. 

Know Your Palms PosterBut while it’s obvious that not all palms are created identical, it’s not always easy to tell what’s what. So West LA design studio, CommonStudio stepped in to provide some education. They took a guerilla campaign of posters attached to palm trees in their neighorhood, Palms. The signage helped passersby identify the local trees, and gave them tear-away cards to take with them.

They describe the project as an “unsanctioned public relations campaign for the cities’ voiceless vegetative inhabitants.” Obviously more of a purely educational campaign than a call to action of any sort, it does show off a hybrid hyper-local and social messaging approach that could have other applications. Also, maybe giving us a reason to stop and think about the trees we see daily will lead to more respect and care for the trees overall. 

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