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Justin Timberlake’s Surprised Fans Steal the Show BTS

I’m a few days late on this ad, but that may be the only thing anyone has missed regarding JT’s new release, The 20/20 Experience. Justin has been all over TV, the internet and recently announced a tour with Jay-Z. The album gave him his best one week sales to date, debuting at #1

Last week, Target dropped the above spot, made by Deutsch, to promote their special edition of the album (apparently retailer-exclusive albums are still a thing). I happened to catch it on TV tonight, and I thought it was pretty effective. But when I went to watch it again on YouTube, I also caught the “making of” reel, below.

Seeing multiple takes, complete with bleeped out curse words and Justin’s reactions was almost a better ad than the actual ad. Either way, pretty adorable. 

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