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Hats off to Hall-of-Famer Tom Cheek

There are a lot of great things about being named Cheek—being near the top of most alphabetized lists, for example. Or being able to simply point to my cheek when a bartender can’t hear me shout my name as I’m trying to close my tab.

Tom Cheek

When you have a fairly uncommon last name, though, you don’t see it in too many prominent places. So congrats to the newest National Baseball Hall of Fame honoree, late Toronto Blue Jays announcer, Tom Cheek.

I can’t say I knew of Cheek in life, as I’m not up on Canadian sports broadcasts. But according to his bio, Cheek had a 4300+ streak of consecutive games announced, spanning 4 decades. Think about that the next time you contemplate whether to call in sick.

So here’s to that legendary consistency, known amongst all Cheeks, which as of this minute, I’ve decided is totally a thing. 

Rest in peace, Mr. Cheek. You’ve done us all proud


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