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Walmart Goes Local…for TV Buying

I should hope so.

TweetIt’s hard to be less local than Walmart, as brick & mortar retailers go. It is a monument to economies of scale, sourcing products from all over to lower costs, and thus prices. Because of that, it eats local, and even regional businesses that just can’t throw their weight around in the same way. As it’s grown, it’s used national TV advertising to... Read More

Aereo’s Court Victory Helps Make TV Service Less Awful

The future of TV

TweetI’d like to begin this post with an honest cable company ad. Some may be offended by the language. Earmuffs! The current state TV service is terrible. The pricing structure is senseless. Bundling forces you into accepting things no one wants, from landline phone service to a plethora of BBC channels. Even though I probably do 90% of my TV viewing on about 10 channels,... Read More

Super Bowl Ads: Bueller? Bueller?

Tweet If you never got the pleasure of going to school for advertising, you may not know that whatever we we’re supposed to do in class next week will be cut short by about 15 minutes. Whatever case studies we’re analyzing, taglines we’re generating or projects we’re coordinating will have a little less time in the spotlight than they would on a normal Monday.... Read More