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Sharks Join the Internet of Things

TweetHappy holidays! I hope everyone is doing well out there. One of my favorite emerging trends in tech/media is “The Internet of Things.” It’s a catchy name for a change in the ways everyday objects will function. At some point, virtually everything will become an internet-connected device, capable of interacting with any other connected device. What’s... Read More

PayPal Wants to Be Your Cash Register

PayPal Point of Sale

TweetBlame my stint selling point of sale terminals for the soon-to-be Icahn Computer Corp., but I’ve had a dorky interest in how people pay for things for a while now. I don’t mean how consumers can afford things or anything like that, but the systems they use to check out at retail outlets, and how they’re evolving. Thrilling, I know. But payment systems are... Read More

Spotify TV ad says a lot about nothing

He's also for music

TweetWe were all conceived to a 4/4 beat?  Personally I like to think my parents were waltzing at the time, but I suppose we’ll never know. In any case, Spotify (via agency Droga5) introduced itself to prime time TV last night: Have we learned nothing from Facebook’s foray into Clint Eastwood territory last year? Read More  Read More