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Twinkies’ 15 Minutes of Fame Hit 14:57—Now What?


TweetLast month, I ate the first Twinky (Twinkie?) of my adult life. Actually, perhaps my life, period. It appeared in a brainstorm I was participating in, and I was practically dared to try it. Feeling the lingering effects of years of after-school specials, I was leery about succumbing to peer pressure, but I cracked that individual plastic pack and took a bite. The cake inside... Read More

Know Your Palms Campaign Teaches Angelenos About Trees

Know Your Palms

TweetOne of the most ubiquitous, iconic and likable parts of living in LA is the palm tree. Sure they have some fungus issues, and are about as effective as telephone poles for providing shade, but the SoCal landscape wouldn’t be the same without them.  But while it’s obvious that not all palms are created identical, it’s not always easy to tell what’s what.... Read More

Are Brands Finally Figuring Out How to Handle National Tragedies?

Cranberry Scone

TweetLet me begin by extending my sympathy and best wishes to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, their loved ones, and the residents of Boston. Such trying times often bring out the best in individuals and communities, but all too often, they bring out the worst in brands. From tone-deaf attempts at timely promotions to obliviousness to the point of offensiveness, when... Read More