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Best Buy Trying to Embrace its Role as a Showroom

Tweet I still remember when Santa Fe, the small town I grew up in, got a Borders and a Best Buy, right around the same time in the late 90’s. It was like we were a real city. I would go on to spend way too much time and money in both places over the following few years till I left. After all, those were by far the best places to buy the electronics, books, CD’s and other... Read More

PayPal Wants to Be Your Cash Register

PayPal Point of Sale

TweetBlame my stint selling point of sale terminals for the soon-to-be Icahn Computer Corp., but I’ve had a dorky interest in how people pay for things for a while now. I don’t mean how consumers can afford things or anything like that, but the systems they use to check out at retail outlets, and how they’re evolving. Thrilling, I know. But payment systems are... Read More