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What My Handwriting Says About Me

Fountain Pen

TweetEven in this digital world, I still write by hand often. It’s a little inconvenient to put my thoughts, to-do’s etc. in a format where they can’t be searched or added to my Google calendar, but I also find the slow pace of it helps me organize my thoughts better than talking, or even typing. So I have several dozen notebooks full of my script: My penmanship... Read More

A Round of Applause for Contagious Clapping

Applause Sign

TweetIf you spend any significant amount of time in front of an audience, you know all too well the difference between a polite clapclapclap and an enthusiastic CLAPCLAPCLAP that lets you know the audience was thrilled with your every word, right? Turns out, it may have less to do with you as a presenter/performer, and more to do with how individuals in the audience react. Research... Read More

Multi-Tasking Test Proves It: I’m Focused, Man

OpenBlog Multi-Tasking Test

TweetPoo-pooing multi-tasking seems to be in fashion lately, and there’s probably something to it. Humans have limited processing power, and when it gets spread among too many things, we probably don’t do any of them as well as we could. That said, a certain amount of doing-five-things-att-once is simply ingrained in our culture, professional and otherwise.  As I go... Read More