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Kontor Records Gets Noticed With the Office Turntable

Portable Turntable

TweetIf you’re in a position to make decisions about whether someone’s music gets played, you tend to get innundated with music. Hopeful artists, managers and record labels do their best not only to get you their product, but also to get you to listen to it (and hopefully fall in love). I experienced this on a small scale years ago when I was a college radio DJ. I can... Read More

Walmart Goes Local…for TV Buying

I should hope so.

TweetIt’s hard to be less local than Walmart, as brick & mortar retailers go. It is a monument to economies of scale, sourcing products from all over to lower costs, and thus prices. Because of that, it eats local, and even regional businesses that just can’t throw their weight around in the same way. As it’s grown, it’s used national TV advertising to... Read More

Facebook Home Adds a Little Tuba to Your Life

Danke schoen, darlin'.

TweetWieden + Kennedy is a first-rate creative shop, so I was surprised at the relative dud they put up for Facebook’s first TV spot, last year. It was a pretty, and in some ways, compelling work about the things that connect us, but it fell short of being an effective piece of branding for Big Blue. It was just too vague.  Read More  Read More