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Sharks Join the Internet of Things

TweetHappy holidays! I hope everyone is doing well out there. One of my favorite emerging trends in tech/media is “The Internet of Things.” It’s a catchy name for a change in the ways everyday objects will function. At some point, virtually everything will become an internet-connected device, capable of interacting with any other connected device. What’s... Read More

Google Reader and the Inconvenient Truth of The Cloud

TweetAs far as broad-based adoption as a go-to technology, RSS’ time has come and gone without much of a stir. The idea of pulling in a customized stream of web content never became a thing on the web, in the same way that user-generated videos or check-in services or any of a number of other things have, over the years. I’m not terribly surprised. After all, RSS’... Read More

Aereo’s Court Victory Helps Make TV Service Less Awful

The future of TV

TweetI’d like to begin this post with an honest cable company ad. Some may be offended by the language. Earmuffs! The current state TV service is terrible. The pricing structure is senseless. Bundling forces you into accepting things no one wants, from landline phone service to a plethora of BBC channels. Even though I probably do 90% of my TV viewing on about 10 channels,... Read More