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Prada Commissions a Wes Anderson Short Film

TweetWriter/director, Wes Anderson, most famous for feature films like The Royal Tennenbaums and Rushmore, has been lending his services to brands recently. Last year, he directed a spot for the Hyundai Azera (disclosure: they’re a client). Now he’s back with a short film collabo with fashion brand, Prada: Castello Cavalcanti stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver... Read More

I’m Mad This is a Ciroc Watch

I will not take dat.

TweetCheck out this clever partnership between Casio G-Shock watches and Diddy-endorsed vodka, Ciroc:   Not only is it a watch, but also a breathalyzer, perfect for striking up a conversation with some drunk chicks at your frat’s next house party, bruh. Or make responsible driving decisions. Beyond that, it’s a pretty nice looking watch, though. It’s supposed... Read More