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Barilla: Homophobic Pasta?


TweetAh, the weekend trip to Ralph’s. California’s version of Kroger supermarkets is no H-E-B, but I’ve learned to make do. This weekend, I decided to buy some pasta. As I walked up the aisle starting to weigh my options, one brand in particular did catch my eye, unfortunately. A couple weeks ago, Italian pasta magnate, Guido Barilla took it upon himself to tell... Read More

Cheerios Didn’t Lose Their Head Over Youtube Comments

TweetLast week, everybody from AdWeek to Larry O’Donnell was abuzz about the new Cheerios ad, which features…gasp…a mixed race family.  I thought they were cool for doing it. Plenty of mixed marriages exist (my parents come to mind), and they’re becoming more common all the time. But Americans aren’t always so good at dealing with reality, and... Read More

CISPA: Not This $&#^ Again

Rember when these were the hackers we were worried about?

TweetIn the early days of this blog, I posted about SOPA, a bill that threatened to take a sledgehammer to the open internet to protect the intellectual property of a few organizations. While many of us may or may not have a pirated mp3 or a burned copy of a DVD lying around, the problem most had with SOPA wasn’t that copyrights don’t deserve protection. It was that... Read More