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Kontor Records Gets Noticed With the Office Turntable

Portable Turntable

TweetIf you’re in a position to make decisions about whether someone’s music gets played, you tend to get innundated with music. Hopeful artists, managers and record labels do their best not only to get you their product, but also to get you to listen to it (and hopefully fall in love). I experienced this on a small scale years ago when I was a college radio DJ. I can... Read More

Samsung: Come On, Jake. No Really.

Tiny Bubbles.

TweetNothing like a worn-out, corny punchline to announce a consumer electronics innovation: If you’re somewhere you can’t click on the video or just have something better to do with 30 seconds, the spot is for a Samsung refrigerator with a sparkling water dispenser in the door. Pretty cool, right? It opens on a shot of a man chatting up two women at a cocktail party,... Read More

Cheerios Didn’t Lose Their Head Over Youtube Comments

TweetLast week, everybody from AdWeek to Larry O’Donnell was abuzz about the new Cheerios ad, which features…gasp…a mixed race family.  I thought they were cool for doing it. Plenty of mixed marriages exist (my parents come to mind), and they’re becoming more common all the time. But Americans aren’t always so good at dealing with reality, and... Read More