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Prada Commissions a Wes Anderson Short Film

TweetWriter/director, Wes Anderson, most famous for feature films like The Royal Tennenbaums and Rushmore, has been lending his services to brands recently. Last year, he directed a spot for the Hyundai Azera (disclosure: they’re a client). Now he’s back with a short film collabo with fashion brand, Prada: Castello Cavalcanti stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver... Read More

Barilla: Homophobic Pasta?


TweetAh, the weekend trip to Ralph’s. California’s version of Kroger supermarkets is no H-E-B, but I’ve learned to make do. This weekend, I decided to buy some pasta. As I walked up the aisle starting to weigh my options, one brand in particular did catch my eye, unfortunately. A couple weeks ago, Italian pasta magnate, Guido Barilla took it upon himself to tell... Read More

JWT and Ford Prove Me Wrong

More like "Whoa-fest." Amirite?

TweetThe other day when I posted about JWT and Ford being the victims of some anonymous and soon-to-be jobless creatives going around the approval process to post their idiotic print ads on Ads of the World, it turns out that’s not exactly what went down. AdAge reports that the offending ads were entered in (and later pulled from, at JWT’s request) India’s top... Read More