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Oh Great—Millennials Are About to Get Even Less Ambitious

TweetAnother postcard from the much-maligned Gen Y this weekend: apparently, people stop trying to get ahead around age 35, according to the Families and Work Institute, via the Atlanic. Getting ahead in this case is defined as seeking more responsibility at the office:   The accompanying article presents the shift as primarily a men-vs.-women trend, pointing out that while males track a little higher for go-getterness throughout their careers, the trend line moves in virtually... Read More

Know Your Palms Campaign Teaches Angelenos About Trees

TweetOne of the most ubiquitous, iconic and likable parts of living in LA is the palm tree. Sure they have some fungus issues, and are about as effective as telephone poles for providing shade, but the SoCal landscape wouldn’t be the same without them.  But while it’s obvious that not all palms are created identical, it’s not always easy to tell what’s what. So West LA design studio, CommonStudio stepped in to provide some education. They took a guerilla... Read More

Hats off to Hall-of-Famer Tom Cheek

TweetThere are a lot of great things about being named Cheek—being near the top of most alphabetized lists, for example. Or being able to simply point to my cheek when a bartender can’t hear me shout my name as I’m trying to close my tab. When you have a fairly uncommon last name, though, you don’t see it in too many prominent places. So congrats to the newest National Baseball Hall of Fame honoree, late Toronto Blue Jays announcer, Tom Cheek. I can’t... Read More