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Styled in California

TweetI can’t have been the only person who got a little irritated last night when Don Draper described LA as “Detroit with palm trees.” Granted, that was 40 years ago, and Detroit was better known for the Temptations than urban decay at the time, but HEY! Thankfully, The Atlantic had just the thing to pick our fine metropolis right back up: Here’s our young teenager who’s ready for fun in her two-piece Jamaican set. Whoa whoa whoa.  But for swanky... Read More

Google Reader and the Inconvenient Truth of The Cloud

TweetAs far as broad-based adoption as a go-to technology, RSS’ time has come and gone without much of a stir. The idea of pulling in a customized stream of web content never became a thing on the web, in the same way that user-generated videos or check-in services or any of a number of other things have, over the years. I’m not terribly surprised. After all, RSS’ greatest strength is in pulling in a vast swath of reading material, and that’s not what... Read More

Kontor Records Gets Noticed With the Office Turntable

TweetIf you’re in a position to make decisions about whether someone’s music gets played, you tend to get innundated with music. Hopeful artists, managers and record labels do their best not only to get you their product, but also to get you to listen to it (and hopefully fall in love). I experienced this on a small scale years ago when I was a college radio DJ. I can imagine what it must be like for the creative directors responsible for selecting music to license... Read More