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Are Brands Finally Figuring Out How to Handle National Tragedies?

TweetLet me begin by extending my sympathy and best wishes to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, their loved ones, and the residents of Boston. Such trying times often bring out the best in individuals and communities, but all too often, they bring out the worst in brands. From tone-deaf attempts at timely promotions to obliviousness to the point of offensiveness, when disaster strikes, companies often jam their foot in their 140-character mouth.  So it was no surprise... Read More

New Era: Hats Off to Jackie Robinson

TweetAs I sit here watching my Dodgers struggle to come back against the Padres (I know. Shut up.), I’m reminded that today is a special day in Dodgers, sports and American history: 56 years ago, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier to make his MLB debut. The annual tribute is amplified this year by the release of 42, one of the spring’s more buzzed-about movies. Cap maker, New Era, decided to make a tribute of their own: The spot, titled First Changes Everything,... Read More

Walmart Goes Local…for TV Buying

TweetIt’s hard to be less local than Walmart, as brick & mortar retailers go. It is a monument to economies of scale, sourcing products from all over to lower costs, and thus prices. Because of that, it eats local, and even regional businesses that just can’t throw their weight around in the same way. As it’s grown, it’s used national TV advertising to build its brand on a scale many competitors could not. According to AdAge, however, it seems that... Read More