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Pinterest Pins Down a Social Networking Niche

TweetI finally looked at Pinterest yesterday. The name had been floating around in my subconscious for a month or so, but yesterday was the day somebody mentioned it on a social network or it was name-dropped in an article I glanced at, and I took a look. My first impression was, “Oh look, it’s Tumblr again.” The colorful pictures and strings of comments give the interface a similar feel to the platform that’s half blog, half social network. Upon closer... Read More

Komen for the Cure Makes Its Own Communications Crisis

TweetNobody likes breast cancer.  There’s a non-controversial sentence if I’ve ever typed one. Because nobody likes breast cancer, fighting it should be pretty non-controversial too; the largest organization that fights it should be pretty universally liked, right? It was, until yesterday. Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced yesterday that it was cutting its funding to Planned Parenthood to provide breast cancer screenings. Since then, it has found itself embroiled... Read More