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Swag & SOPA

Tweet What a week it’s been in copyright protection.  There’s a sentence I don’t get to write often. However, intellectual property law has been front and center in the news all week: Wikipedia and others had a blackout in protest of SOPA/PIPA legislation. Both bills suffered major losses of support in their respective chambers of congress, to the point that votes on both bills are shelved for the time being, as of this morning. Yesterday, things took a bit... Read More

Garfield: Advertisers Will Be The Last Line of Defense in Decency Wars

TweetHere’s an interesting AdAge article from Bob Garfield on why advertisers may become the ultimate protectors of decency in prime time television. The crux of his argument is that with broadcast TV slowly dying as a medium, the FCC’s role in regulating the networks is dying as well. With that out of the picture, the only thing standing between the public and an onslaught of 7:30 pm curse words and bare buttocks is advertising dollars: Advertisers will pull their... Read More

Watch for Falling Objects

TweetOne of my Christmas projects is updating this site to include a blog. Please pardon the mess for a few days while I sort things out, cure but I plan to be fully operational soon. In the meantime click here for to see portfolio and resume, if you like.  Read More