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Super Bowl Ads: Bueller? Bueller?

Tweet If you never got the pleasure of going to school for advertising, you may not know that whatever we we’re supposed to do in class next week will be cut short by about 15 minutes. Whatever case studies we’re analyzing, taglines we’re generating or projects we’re coordinating will have a little less time in the spotlight than they would on a normal Monday. We’ll have an extra item on our plate. This Sunday is the festival of pre-millennium-style... Read More

Advertising Word of Mouth

TweetWith Esurance’s rebranding effort this year, they are no longer the company with the cartoon spy spokeswoman. That campaign always confused me a bit. Being industry that essentially sells a commodity, auto insurance is keenly focused on branding. It’s responsible for some of the better ad campaigns in recent memory, such as Allstate’s “Mayhem”. Esurance’s ads, by contrast, just seemed misguided to me. I never saw the overlap between people... Read More

Laura Desmond: Advertising for Good & Commerce

Tweet Recently, TED, known more for its conferences and videos, put up TED Conversations, a sort of discussion board for addressing  the world issues TED is already known for tackling. It allows for broader engagement and differing perspectives. Yesterday, Starcom MediaVest CEO, Laura Desmond posted this question: Can advertising be both a force for commerce AND a force for good? Read More  Read More